• Absorbs moisture without electricity and is rechargeable in an oven • Can be reactivated indefinitely • One 500-gram box protects up to 37 cubic feet of enclosed space, about the volume of a standard 30" wide safe • The EverDry™ Electric Dehumidifier removes humidity from the interior of a safe and protects against rust • The 18" long EverDry should be used on safes 30" wide and larger • Cord is removable for installation • The Flexible EverDry™ is flat and easily bends • Takes up less space and makes installation easier, especially in small safes • Removes humidity from the interior of a safe and protects against rust • Plug is removable for installation • LED indicates unit is operating • The SG® Electronic Lock is an advanced security systemmanufactured by the leader in the lock industry • Includes many technical security features • Kit includes lock and installation DVD (Installation by a professional locksmith is recommended) • The SecuRam™ ScanLogic Biometric Lock uses the uniqueness of an individual fingerprint as the combination in this advanced security solution • The lock opens with either a fingerprint or a multi-digit code • It is highly secure and operates very quickly • Simple programming instructions • LCD Screen • Installation by a professional locksmith is recommended DRY ZONE MOISTURE REDUCER EVERDRY™ ELECTRIC DEHUMIDIFIER FLEXIBLE EVERDRY™ DEHUMIDIFIER SG® ELECTRONIC LOCK RETROFIT KIT SECURAM™ SCANLOGIC BIOMETRIC LOCK RETROFIT KIT CODE MSRP 154001 59.99 CODE MSRP 164128 89.99 CODE MSRP 164129 89.99 DESCRIPTION CODE MSRP Silver Chrome (shown) 156034 229.99 Black Chrome 156035 229.99 Gold 156036 229.99 DESCRIPTION CODE MSRP Silver Chrome 156037 609.99 Black Chrome (shown) 156038 609.99 Gold 156039 609.99 BROWNING.COM SAFES 109