HEIGHT DIAM FINISH CODE MSRP Low 1" Matte Blued 12343 139.99 Medium 1" Matte Blued 12344 High 1" Matte Blued 12345 Low 1" Gloss Blued 12340 Medium 1" Gloss Blued 12341 High 1" Gloss Blued 12342 Low 30mm Matte Blued 12346 139.99 Medium 30mm Matte Blued 12347 High 30mm Matte Blued 12348 Low 30mm Gloss Blued 123143 Medium 30mm Gloss Blued 123144 High 30mm Gloss Blued 123145 HEIGHT DIAM FINISH CODE MSRP Low 1" Matte Blued 12365 79.99 STANDARD SCOPE BASES STANDARD SCOPE RINGS RIMFIRE SCOPE BASES RIMFIRE SCOPE RINGS A-Bolt X-Bolt FINISH PCS CODE MSRP X-BOLT Matte Blued Two 12334 64.99 Gloss Blued Two 12362 A-BOLT Matte Blued Two 12331 56.99 Gloss Blued Two 12330 BAR/BLR Gloss Blued Two 12332 56.99 FINISH CODE MSRP T-BOLT Matte Blued 12389 56.99 SA-22 Matte Blued 12333 93.99 BAR/BLR Standard Scope Rings Rimfire Scope Rings SA-22 T-Bolt • Machined from solid steel • Double recoil shoulder design holds rings securely, even under magnum recoil • Bases are only compatible with Browning scope rings listed below • T-Bolt bases are machined from steel • SA-22 base is machined from lightweight aluminum • Compatible with Browning rimfire rings listed below • Compatible with T-Bolt and SA-22 bases listed above • Sold in pairs • Ultra-rigid vertically split rings use oversized hardware for extra strength and ease of installation • Low, Medium and High rings are available for both 1" and 30mm diameter scopes • Sold in pairs ACCESSORIES BROWNING.COM 137