GUIDE SERIES FOLDER GUIDE SERIES MEDIUM FIXED CODE PKG MSRP BLADE LENGTH OVERALL LENGTH 3220453 Box 209.99 3-3/8" 7-7/8" CODE PKG MSRP BLADE LENGTH OVERALL LENGTH 3220451 Box 265.99 3-5/8" 8-1/2" NE W Designed by Wes Hibben, son of the legendary Gil Hibben, Browning’s first hunting knife designer. Wes Hibben shaped his future at the age of eight when he built and sold his first knife. He learned the craft from his father, who has designed blades for hunting, survival and the silver screen for more than 65 years. Gil is also the man behind the very first Browning knives that appeared in our 1969 product catalog. Growing up, Wes spent every minute he could in his father’s shop learning the knife making craft. As an adult, Wes took his skills North to the great state of Alaska, and many of his edged creations are inspired by his personal experiences spent in the wilds as a hunter. His experience as a knife maker, along with his passion for hunting and the outdoors, have culminated in the Guide Series — the next generation of knives to share both the Hibben and Browning names. BLADE Hand-Forged Damascus Steel HANDLE Stabilized Iron Hardwood TYPE Fixed Blade CODE PKG MSRP BLADE LENGTH OVERALL LENGTH 322218 Box 399.99 3-3/8" 7-7/8" • Deep belly drop point blade profile • Integral hand-forged Damascus steel bolster • Dark hardwood handle accent with two thin red accent bands • Fine leather belt sheath • Made in the USA STORM FRONT DAMASCUS COLLECTIBLE BLADE Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel HANDLE Micarta® Laminate Scales TYPE Fixed Blade • Drop point blade profile • Polished nickel silver bolsters • Polished pocket clip • Made in the USA • Skinner blade profile • Polished stainless steel bolsters • Full tang construction • Anti-skid grooves on blade spine • Leather belt sheath included • Made in the USA BLADE Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel HANDLE Micarta® Laminate Scales TYPE Folding Lock Back DEPLOY Thumb Stud For centuries, Damascus steel has been regarded among the highest expressions of the art of knifemaking. These beautiful blades are made by folding and forging layer upon layer of high-quality steel, making every Damascus steel blade unique and striking in appearance. BROWNING.COM KNIVES GUIDE SERIES 157