SELECTING THE RIGHT BROWNING LIGHT. MULTI-MODE OPERATION Many of our lights offer a choice of easily selected continuous full output, continuous low output and a rapid strobe mode. QUICK OFF The Quick Off feature eliminates cycling through every light mode to turn off a light. Once a light mode is selected for three seconds, the light will turn off the next time the power switch is operated. LAST LIGHT Activate the preferred light setting instantly with Last Light. Just stop on the desired light setting for three seconds and turn off the light. When you turn the light on the next time the light is automatically on the last used setting. LOW BATTERY The Low Battery Indicator automatically flashes the light five times on start up to let the user know that they have 20% or less battery capacity remaining. BATTERIES We use the latest lithium-ion battery technology to help ensure that our lights have plenty of power when needed. All of these batteries are designed to be easily recharged from a variety of power sources. RED, GREEN AND BLUE LEDS Many of our lights also offer multi-color LEDs for specialized tasks that help prevent spooking wary game animals, locating blood trails and preserving night vision. USB CHARGE The USB interface has become the modern standard for recharging portable electronic devices. That’s why we have a complete line of USB compatible lights. Several Browning lights have USB-C connectors for even faster charging. POWER BANK There is a USB “power out” feature built into many of our products to help keep USB lights and other electronic devices topped off and running at peak performance. DUAL FUEL Many of our USB charge lights are designed to run on standard AA, AAA or CR123A batteries or on USB rechargeable batteries. or ELECTRONIC LOCK-OUT The Electronic Lockout prevents the light from being switched on accidentally when in a pocket or pack. This battery-saving feature is easily activated by holding down the main power switch for three seconds when the light is off. BROWNING.COM L IGHTS 177