Winchester Guns Canada 2020 Catalogue

DRURY OUTDOORS Take four members of the Drury family — Mark, Terry, Taylor and Matt — add a passion for hunting and sharing the adventure with viewers, and you have one of the most popular and innovative family-oriented outdoor programs on TV today. If you love hunting whitetails and turkeys, you’ll enjoy spending time with Winchester® and the whole DOD Team. RNT-V RNT-V is a reality-based show that centers around RNT Calls, today’s leading manufacturer of custom duck and goose calls. The show is unique in that it gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to juggle being a hardcore waterfowler, running a waterfowl-related business, film and produce an all waterfowl television program while still finding time to spend with family and friends. It is like no other show on outdoor television. Viewers get to witness firsthand the total process of designing, developing, building, and testing new products, then tagging along with the RNT crew as they scour the countryside chasing waterfowl from Canada to Arkansas. 76