PISTOL POUCHES Keep handguns easy to access and isolated from bumps and scratches in the sewn-on pouches on the DPX panel. SCOPE SAVER Store long guns with optics on the DPX door rack with the Scope Saver. The recessed panel protects scopes and increases gun capacity. STOCK TRAY The molded stock tray secures stocks in position and helps prevent long guns from bumping into one another. • The long gun capacity is a series of three numbers, for example 13/26+7 on a 23 cubic foot safe. • The first number is the long gun capacity in the safe body with a Half Shelf interior (13 in the example). • The second number is the long gun capacity in the safe body with an All Gun interior (26 in the example). • The “plus” number is the long gun capacity on the back of the door (+7 in the example). • Total capacity grows up to 54% in the Half Shelf configuration because there is a full rack of long guns on the door back. • “Quick Access Guns” increase in both Half Shelf and All Gun configurations. These are guns on the front row of the safe body and the door gun rack and can be quickly accessed. CAPACITY COMPARISON COMPETITOR 25-28 CU FT SAFE BROWNING PROSTEEL 23 CU FT SAFE RESULT Total Gun Capacity - Half Shelf Interior 13 Guns 20 Guns 54%More Total Gun Capacity - All Gun Interior 27 Guns 33 Guns 22%More Fast Access Guns - Half Shelf Interior 2 Guns 14 Guns 600%More Fast Access Guns - All Gun Interior 7 Guns 21 Guns 200%More EXCLUSIVE ACCESSIBILITY. The patented DPX storage system (U.S. patent #7,409,790) is available exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes. This unequalled organizational tool allows long guns, handguns, shooting gear and valuables to be stored on the back of the safe door. The DPX Quick Access Barrel Rack puts long guns on the door for instant access and the available Scope Saver increases storage and protects optics. DPX pouches and pockets keep valuables and gear where they are easy to find and free up shelf space for even more items. HOWDO BROWNING PROSTEEL SAFES HOLD MORE GUNS? QUICK ACCESS BARREL RACK Flexible polymer wings protect the barrel finish, secure the barrel in place and allow firearms to easily be pushed into or pulled from the rack. (U.S. patent #D643500) MESH POCKETS See-through mesh pockets hold smaller items and make valuables fast and easy to visually locate. MAGNETIC CLOSURE STORAGE POUCHES Accessory pockets protect and separate items and free-up shelf space. BROWNING EXCLUSIVE BROWNING EXCLUSIVE PROTECT UP TO 54%MORE LONG GUNS. BROWNING.COM SAFES STORAGE 83