• Store handguns more efficiently • Increases storage space on shelves • Access to handguns is made easier by placing them in an upright position • Small capsule emits an invisible vapor that forms a corrosion- and rust-resistant barrier on metal surfaces • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) have been used for years to protect metal parts in industrial and commercial applications • One capsule protects a standard 30" wide (approximately 26 cu. ft.) safe for one year • Take full advantage of the DPX storage system with these accessories • Store more guns without taking up shelf space with DPX Handgun Pouches (sold in sets of two) • Store shorter firearms and make them easily accessible with DPX Barrel Loops and DPX Stock Risers • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) penetrates into the smallest crevices and drives out moisture where oils cannot reach • Provides full protection by forming a vapor enclosure around the firearm frommuzzle to butt • Drawstring closure • Gives additional protection to all metal items in an enclosed area such as a gun safe or cabinet • Fits rifles and shotguns 48" to 56" PISTOL RACKS ZERUST VCI PROTECTANT DPX ACCESSORIES VCI GUN SOCK VCI GUN SOCK - TWO PIECE 4-Gun 6-Gun • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) forms a protective vapor enclosure around the entire firearm • Adds protection to all metal items in an enclosed gun safe or cabinet • Drawstring closure • Two piece design fits most takedown rifles and shotguns CODE MSRP 164150 29.99 CODE MSRP 164152 33.99 CODE MSRP 154011 21.99 Handgun Pouch CODE MSRP 164138 53.99 Barrel Loop CODE MSRP 164141 45.99 CODE MSRP 149985 24.99 Stock Riser CODE MSRP 164144 45.99 CODE MSRP 149986 27.99 USER-INSTALLED ACCESSORIES 108