LUMENS = BRIGHTNESS The output of a traditional 2D cell flashlight is approximately 15 - 20 lumens. The latest LED flashlights can have an output of more than 3200 lumens. FL 1 STANDARD 175 LUMENS MAXIMUMDISTANCE Maximum distance is calculated as the distance from the light source to where it decreases in brightness to 0.25 lux — about the brightness of the full moon on a clear night. FL 1 STANDARD 150m WATER RESISTANCE Water resistance (FL 1 Standard IPX4) is tested by spraying water onto the light frommultiple directions. This simulates a heavy, all-day rain. FL1 STANDARD WATERPROOF AND SUBMERSIBLE Waterproof and submersible (FL 1 Standard IPX7) assures water cannot get inside the light. This test is conducted for 30 minutes at a water depth of 1 meter (about 39"). 1m FL 1 STANDARD IMPACT RESISTANCE Impact resistance (FL 1 Standard 1m) measures how well the light resists damage when dropped repeatedly onto concrete from a height of 1 meter (about 39"). 1m FL 1 STANDARD BATTERY LIFE Battery life (run time) is defined as the time elapsed from when the batteries are new to when the light reaches 10% of the original brightness. FL 1 STANDARD 2h30min Look For This Icon On Browning Lights That Offer Wide Angle Plus Technology. Look For This Icon On Browning Lights That Offer Wide Angle Technology. A LIGHT FOR EVERY OUTDOOR NEED. Browning offers lights to meet every hunting need that might arise. From high-powered spotlights that help pre-dawn hunters find the best spot for their decoy spread to headlamps that make late nights packing out big game safer and easier, there's a Browning light for every customer. Look For This Icon On Browning Lights That Offer Spot-To-Flood Technology. SPOT-TO-FLOOD TECHNOLOGY WIDE ANGLE TECHNOLOGY WIDE ANGLE PLUS TECHNOLOGY Wide Angle Technology produces a very bright soft light that evenly illuminates your work area and softens harsh shadows. Wide Angle Plus Technology produces both a wide angle and a long distance beam at the same time, or separately, to provide extended 180° lighting coverage. ANSI FL 1 FLASHLIGHT PERFORMANCE STANDARDS We proudly participate in the ANSI FL 1 flashlight performance standards for measuring and stating performance claims for all portable lights. This includes brightness (lumens), distance, run time, water resistance and impact resistance. FL 1 provides the only reliable apples-to-apples comparison between models and is used by most major manufacturers. Charging times are approximate for most AC power sources. Charging times from other power sources may be significantly longer. On lights with multiple settings, the lumens, battery life and distances are stated at the highest setting (100% power), unless otherwise indicated. Weights are measured as carrying weight, including battery. Spot-to-Flood Technology allows the user to rapidly adjust the focus of the beam by rotating the bezel on the lens. Choose from a broad, diffused light that is ideal for up-close work to a tightly focused beam that illuminates distant objects. BROWNING LIGHTS 176