SHOTGUNS MEASUREMENTS IN INCHES, POUNDS AND OUNCES. PLUS INTERCHANGEABLE CHOKE TUBES To maximize versatility and optimize shot pattern performance, BT-99 shotguns feature the Invector-Plus system. See pages 151 to 155 for our complete line of choke tubes and wrenches. FOREARM A beavertail forearm helps control recoil and assists hand-eye coordination. FLOATING RIB Most target models feature a floating rib that allows the rib and barrel to expand at different rates to eliminate stress. Prevents changes to point of impact due to barrel heating and the rib staying cool. Ventilated side rib increases air circulation to aid in barrel cooling. Engraving, Right GAUGE CODE MSRP BARREL LENGTH CHOKES CHAMBER WT OVERALL LENGTH DROP COMB ADJ DROP HEEL ADJ LENGTH PULL RIB WIDTH 12 017080402 4,284.99 32 IM 2-3/4 8/6 49 1-1/4 2 14-3/8 11/32 12 017080401 4,284.99 34 IM 2-3/4 8/7 51 1-1/4 2 14-3/8 11/32 • High-post floating rib • Adjustable comb makes it easy to dial-in a perfect fit • Gloss oil finish Grade III/IV walnut stock • Hull ejector • Pachmayr® Decelerator® XLT recoil pad • One extended Midas Grade choke tube • Ivory front sight with mid-bead • Ideal for trap BROWNING.COM 21