INFLEX II RECOIL PAD The Inflex II recoil pad uses directional deflection to send the comb down and away from the face, reducing felt recoil for greater shooting comfort and allowing faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The Inflex II pad is made from a soft material for the best recoil absorbing performance available. ADDITIONAL PROTECTION The bolt slide, shell carrier, bolt release button and cocking handle of the A5 have a nickel Teflon™ coating that adds corrosion protection, lubricity and makes cleaning easier. The bolt is hard chrome plated for added resistance to wear. RECEIVER Constructed from rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy, the humpback shape speeds target acquisition and extends the sight plane for faster, more natural sight alignment. ERGONOMIC BOLT LATCH Conveniently located just ahead of the trigger guard, the bolt latch locks the bolt to the rear when the magazine is unloaded and releases a shell from the magazine when the bolt is closed for faster loading. The oversized shape makes the bolt latch easy to locate and operate. CUSTOMIZED FIT A5 shotguns include one 1/4" and one 1/2" stock spacer for length of pull adjustment. Drop and cast can be tuned using the included stock shim kit. SPEED LOAD PLUS Patented feeding system sends the first shell loaded into the magazine directly into the chamber. Speed Unload makes emptying the magazine fast and easy, without chambering and ejecting every shell with the bolt handle. GAUGE CODE MSRP BARREL LENGTH CHOKES CHAMBER WT OVERALL LENGTH DROP COMB DROP HEEL LENGTH PULL RIB WIDTH 12 0119072005 2,834.99 26 F,M,IC 3-1/2 7/3 47-5/8 1-3/4 2 14-1/4 1/4 12 0119072004 2,834.99 28 F,M,IC 3-1/2 7/5 49-5/8 1-3/4 2 14-1/4 1/4 • Cerakote Burnt Bronze camo finish on receiver and Burnt Bronze finish on barrel • Composite stock with close radius pistol grip, textured gripping surfaces and shim-adjustment for length of pull, cast and drop • Three extended Invector-DS Goose Band choke tubes • Briley® oversized bolt release button • Fiber-optic front sight and ivory mid-bead sight • Ideal for hunting WICKEDWING VINTAGE TAN NE W 24