HARNESS ACCESS • Select Browning outerwear offers convenient Harness Access. • Allows a treestand safety harness to be comfortably worn underneath a parka or jacket. • Improves concealment as the harness does not interfere with the camouflage pattern on the garment. PIG NOSE BUTTONS • These large, low-profile buttons are easy to use even in cold, wet conditions. • Unlike buttons that are simply sewn on, the Pig Nose Button is held in place by a durable loop of webbing that laces through two slots and is then securely sewn right into the seam. This military-style button is extra secure and won’t come off in the laundry or in the field. SILVADUR ™ • Minimizing human odors in the field is a vital component of hunting. SILVADUR ™ technology neutralizes the growth of odors on fabrics, helping to keep odors hidden from the sharp senses of game animals. Fabrics treated with SILVADUR technology provide long-lasting odor control. SILENTSNAPS • SilentSnaps use a quiet polymer interface that won’t spook game, yet are easy to use in any condition. PRIMALOFT ® DOWN BLEND • For 2022, select garments feature PrimaLoft ® Performance Down Blend insulation. Individual down tufts first receive an environmentally- friendly, fluorocarbon-free treatment to improve water repellency. The natural down is then fused with synthetic PrimaLoft fibers to create a unique hybrid insulation that’s moisture blocking, permanently water-repellent and offers the best attributes of both parent materials. • The warmth of premium PrimaLoft Silver insulation is comparable to traditional 650 fill down, yet it retains more than 95% of its full insulating capacity even when wet and it dries four times faster than regular down. PRIMALOFT ® INSULATION • PrimaLoft ® is a premium performance insulation that is engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft and compressibility. • PrimaLoft has the best warmth-to-weight ratio in the industry. The fibers are more densely packed and retain heat better than other insulations for improved thermal efficiency. • Water-resistant PrimaLoft fibers are permanently treated to repel water and prevent absorption, making PrimaLoft faster drying than other synthetic insulations. • The fine-fiber, high-loft insulation keeps you warmer in extreme conditions, even if it gets wet. • PrimaLoft is the choice of the U.S. Military. Over 1,000,000 PrimaLoft military garments are deployed in active service around the world. Cold Moderate Hot Thermometers indicate the temperature for which the performance of the garment is optimized. Water droplets indicate the level of protection against moisture and the breathability of the garment. TEMPERATURE/CONDITIONS ICONS We make clothing for all weather conditions. Look for the temperature and water resistance icons to determine what garments are best suited for the different hunting conditions. Waterproof/Breathable Extremely Waterproof /Breathable Water Resistant CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS In addition to proprietary camouflage patterns, Browning has partnered with industry leaders Mossy Oak ® and Realtree ® to provide hunters with a wide selection of camouflage patterns to maximize concealment for every environment. Throughout this workbook the complete pattern names are identified with their accompanying swatch. Where space is limited, such as in charts, an abbreviation of the pattern name is used. The information below matches the complete pattern name with the corresponding abbreviation. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades MOSGB Mossy Oak Bottomland MOBL Mossy Oak Original Bottomland MOOBL Realtree Edge RTE Realtree Max-5 RTM-5 Realtree Timber RTT Realtree Extra RTX Realtree Snow RTSNW Realtree Wav3 Gold RTW3G Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat MOSGH Browning Vintage Tan VTAN Browning OVIX OVIX Realtree Wav3 Blue RTW3B Mossy Oak DNA MODNA NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW APPAREL BROWNING.COM TECHNOLOGY 191 FEATURES AND BENEFITS