Browning has a long-standing tradition of delivering top-quality, innovative outdoor clothing to meet the demands of hunters. Whether it's incorporating the newest fabrics that optimize stealth and flexibility, the most technologically advanced waterproof/breathable membranes, lightweight fabrications with built-in sun protection or developing design features that enhance convenience, Browning is a leader in the hunting apparel industry. For 2022, we've pivoted in another direction and set our sights on the art of concealment with OVIX camouflage At its core, OVIX is another feat of Browning innovation. It has been developed to be versatile and highly effective in a variety of environments, types of terrain and seasons. Hunters should consider OVIX as a revolutionary addition to every hunt. A combination of atmospheric optics and white light color scattering create the essential background to this revolutionary Browning pattern. OVIX relies on intentionally-placed brown, gray and green hues to do what all camo patterns strive to do — break up the outline of the wearer at any distance and hide the human form when in pursuit of game. To create OVIX, we used color analysis, strategic shading and incorporated shape manipulation to create a consistent pattern of concealment and optical movement. The color pallet utilizes high contrast to break up shapes during engagements at the closer ranges that bowhunters require. At greater distances, the shapes blend to create a natural mirage rather than a dark “blob” that is common in many camo patterns. From rocky, open terrain to a tree stand in fall leaves, from bugling bulls to grunting whitetail, OVIX camouflage is a natural choice for concealment. NEWCAMO PATTERN FROMBROWNING 192