GRAPHICS LOCKS FINISH COLORS HARDWARE/ TRIM A “NO GRAPHIC” OPTION IS AVAILABLE ON SAFES WITH SCENE OPTIONS. NO GRAPHIC CODE 152013 MULE DEER CODE 152004 BUCKMARK CODE 152001 SCROLL CODE 152002 WHITETAIL BUCK/DOE CODE 152005 ELK CODE 152003 RACK CODE 152017 POINTER CODE 152006 FLUSH CODE 152018 MALLARDS CODE 152007 FLARE CODE 152019 GOLD CODE 151001 BLACK CHROME CODE 151002 SILVER CHROME CODE 151000 CODE 155025 TWO-TONE MIDNIGHT CODE 155027 TWO-TONE STEEL DAWN CODE 155031 TWO-TONE DESERT SMOKE CODE 155024 TWO-TONE CRIMSON FADE CODE 155000 GLOSS BLACK CHERRY CODE 155008 GLOSS BLACK CODE 155011 GLOSS HUNTER GREENMETALLIC CODE 155033 GLOSS TITANIUM METALLIC CODE 155026 GLOSS CHARCOAL METALLIC CODE 155030 GLOSS SAPPHIRE BLUE CODE 155023 MATTE BLACK CODE 155020 TEXTURED CHARCOAL The SecuRam™ ScanLogic Biometric Lock uses the uniqueness of an individual fingerprint as the combination in this advanced security solution. The lock opens with either a fingerprint or a multi-digit code. It is highly secure and operates very quickly. SECURAM™ SCANLOGIC BIOMETRIC CODE MSRP 151997 489.99 With many technical security features, the SG® Top Lit Electronic Lock is an advanced security system manufactured by the leader in the lock industry. Includes LED lighting for easy access in the dark. SG® TOP LIT ELECTRONIC CODE MSRP 151998 149.99 The SG® Mechanical Lock is the industry standard for security. Manufactured by the leader in the lock industry. SG® MECHANICAL CODE 151999 CODE 152008 MOUNTAIN PLEDGE FLAG CODE 152087 NEW FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS 90