PISTOL SHELF Holds up to 12 handguns. The soft surface protects handguns from damage. CODE MSRP 154140 69.99 Store more long guns in the same space with the high capacity barrel rack. HIGH CAPACITY BARREL RACK CODE MSRP 154114 55.99 This file holder makes it easier to locate and organize important documents. VERTICAL FILE HOLDER CODE MSRP 154119 39.99 The basic shelf is made from tough steel with a protective polymer skin. STEEL SHELF CODE MSRP 154100 65.99 11 slots accommodate rifles, shotguns, carbines and modern sporting rifles. BARREL RACK CODE MSRP 154101 74.99 Holds five handguns and leaves the shelf available for other possessions and gear. PISTOL RACK CODE MSRP 154102 34.99 Lock up and protect expensive archery equipment while taking up minimal space. BOWHANGER CODE MSRP 154117 59.99 With a deeper drop and heavy-gauge rods, handguns with optics are easier to store. SCOPED PISTOL RACK CODE MSRP 154118 34.99 Perfect for all sorts of items that need to be separated. DRAWER CODE MSRP 154144 114.99 Protect and organize valuables such as watches, rings and necklaces. DRAWERWITH JEWELRY INSERT CODE MSRP 154145 129.99 Customizable diced foam isolates prized possessions inside the drawer. DRAWERWITH FOAM INSERT CODE MSRP 154146 129.99 Keep delicate items organized, protected and easy to find in the multipurpose drawer. DRAWERWITH MULTIPURPOSE INSERT CODE MSRP 154147 129.99 Compartments are sized to organize cash, passports and other documents. DRAWERWITH MONEY/PASSPORT INSERT CODE MSRP 154148 129.99 CODE MSRP 154150 179.99 This large drawer is perfect for storing a variety of items under a shelf. DEEP DRAWER Important documents are kept safe and easy to find in this handy file box. FILE BOX CODE MSRP 154149 114.99 HOW TOMAKE THE BEST EVEN BETTER. The accessories below are compatible with all Axis- and CMS-equipped safes built in 2018 and newer that are greater than 20 cubic feet in size. BROWNING.COM AXIS® ACCESSORIES SAFES 91